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1966    Graduated from Utrechts Stedelijk 

1966    Invited to become a full-time journalist for              Utrechts Nieuwsblad and GPD Associated              Press Service; first female pop journalist 

            in The Netherlands; specializes in music                  and fashion; interviews David Bowie, Mick              Jagger, Charles Aznavour, Pierre Cardin,                Sylvia Kristel and many others 

1968/69  Presenter of pop music TV program                    Twien

1972-1974 Reporter for VIVA, new leading

            magazine for young women  

1974-   Free lance journalist (Cosmopolitan,                       Muziekkrant Oor, a.o.), editor for                              several books 

1974-1984 Owner of Magazijn De Verfraaiing in                  Utrecht. later named Broadway, one of                    the first second hand fashion shops (now                called vintage fashion) in The                                    Netherlands 

1982    Sing Sing Sing/The Broads, recording of                1936 dance hit of Louis Prima and Benny
            Goodman;  not the voice of the singer in                the video, but only my voice was                              recorded in close harmony mixed with                    disco beats; the single stood high in the                international charts                    


1987    Start as a full time pianist/vocalist and                    bandleader by invitation of Dutch media                tycoon Joop van den Ende to form a                      band for his entertainment agency:                          Three Times A Lady, Four Times A Lady                  and Five Times A Lady, an instant and                    long lasting success 

2002    Start of private jazz piano study with                         teacher Walter Bertram; beginning of a                  career in jazz with Heleen Schuttevaêr                    Trio/Quartet; initiates monthly Club Jazz                concerts at cultural center ‘t Hoogt in                      Utrecht and other venues

2019/'20 Release of first film, jazz documentary                 The Wonderful Word of Barry Harris,                       featuring New York jazz icon pianist                         Barry Harris (1929-2021); included in the                 Official Barry Harris Website

2022    Release of my first book Ik zit hier                            fantastisch (language Dutch); see                            Calendar for book presentations with                      music, starting Nov 2022