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Interviewing Charles Aznavour  

1967 Photo Toon Feij


In concert with NY guitarist Saul Rubin  

2023 Photo Andrea Conigli

Heleen en Saul lachend Photo Andrea Conigli.jpg














Graduated from Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium

Invited to become a full-time journalist for              Utrechts Nieuwsblad and GPD Associated              Press Service; first female pop journalist 

in The Netherlands; specializes in music                  and fashion; interviews David Bowie, Mick              Jagger, Charles Aznavour, Pierre Cardin,                Sylvia Kristel and many others 

Presenter of pop music TV program                    Twien 

Reporter for VIVA, new leading

magazine for young women  

Start working as a free-lance journalist (Cosmopolitan, Muziekkrant Oor, a.o.), book editor


Owner of Magazijn De Verfraaiing in                  Utrecht. later named Broadway, one of                    the first second hand fashion shops (now                called vintage fashion) in The                                    Netherlands 

Sing Sing Sing/The Broads, recording of     1936 dance hit of Louis Prima and Benny Goodman; not the voice of the singer in the video , but only my voice was recorded in close     harmony, mixed with disco beats; the single stood high in the international charts                    

Start as a full time pianist/vocalist and                    bandleader by invitation of Dutch media                tycoon Joop van den Ende to form a                      band for his entertainment agency:                          Three Times A Lady, Four Times A Lady                  and Five Times A Lady, an instant and                    long lasting success 

Start of jazz career and private jazz piano study with  jazz pianist Walter Bertram; birth of Club Jazz concerts at cultural center ‘t Hoogt; many other venues will follow

Release of my first film, jazz documentary              The Wonderful World of Barry Harris,                      featuring New York jazz icon pianist and inspirator Barry Harris (1929-2021); included in the Official Barry Harris Website


Release of my first book Ik zit hier                            fantastisch (language Dutch); see                            Calendar for book presentations with                      music, starting Nov 2022


... AND THE BEAT GOES ON! See Calendar for my concerts, Club Jazz and musical book presentations. I In August I have started as a performer for Care For Jazz of the Stichting Muziek in Huis. 

In February 2024 I am invited to be the 'leading leady' of a new jazz stage, Live Jazz at the North Sea, monthly concerts at Jachtclub Scheveningen in The Hague. March 2024: Heleen Schuttevaêr Meets Friends starts March 2024, I play and sing with guests from the Dutch and international jazz scene. 

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