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I teach/coach vocalists, pianists and pianist-vocalists. You will work on designing and improving your performance and presentation, feel confident on stage with the band and the audience, and prepare for sessions. Counting off, beginnings and endings, improvisations, variations, scat. You name what you are interested in. My background: before I became a professional musician, I was a music journalist for years. I didn't just listen, I also observed carefully what happened visually on stage: what worked, what didn't? When I became a musician, this was something precious you can't learn at the Conservatory.



For singers, pianists and singer/pianists with (some) experience. Enjoy singing and playing more by designing your performance. Together we get the most out of your songs. Learn ways, tools & tricks to feel confident with an audience and get in control of the band. Finding your right key and getting a proper chord schedule are also part of the private sessions. At my studio, with grand piano, sound system and mirror. Costs: € 50 for a private masterclass of 1 hour.



Dating with jazz standards: singing with a small group, accompanied by piano and bass. The workshop is personal, practical, compact, effective. And most of all: FUN and lots of singing! You bring and sing at least 3 songs. It is possible to work towards a living room mini concert at the end of the workshop; fans are welcome. Get your own group together: friends/collegues/family. Max 7 singers. € 75 per person including lunch, coffee, tea. 



week full of classes, master classes, sessions and concerts mid July: that is the Mediterranean Artist Masters (MAM) Academy and Festival. I am the vocal teacher in the Academy and performing artistv in the Festival. Emerge yourself in jazz, sun and sea on Paros, the beautiful white Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. There are teachers for all instruments. In spring 2019 there will be more news about the 4th edition.  

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